Elli/20/Graphic Design.
i draw stuff sometimes.

there’s this lovecraft story about that, where this guy manages to communicate with this cosmic being trapped in a mental patients body. and this cosmic being is out for revenge against another cosmic being, it’s very dramatic and long winded, but basically these guys are able to travel across time and space as a ball of light through galaxies and all these really lovely lovecraftian planets (he didn’t just write about terrifying hell beasts) and i was like that. that is the best. take out the revenge part and sign me up

the moon is SO COOL friends did you know how cool the moon is??? the bf and i took out my dad’s old telescope earlier tonight and we could see all the craters and the really deep shadows on the edge where all the craters stick out. How cool is that. The moon is like the ultimate rock. and tomorrow we’re going to see if we can see saturn and mars! my dad got it to focus on saturn once and i remember it looked like a tiny cute saturn figurine it was incredible. space is incredible